January 11th Reflection

January 11th Reflection

Do y’all ever have those days where you’re just like DAMN.  There are like no other words to describe the day that you just had other than yep, you called it, DAMN.

Yeah, today was that day.

While in the midst of potty training our 4-month-old puppy, our daughter figured out how to crawl (very exciting, yes!) and had set out on a total exploration throughout our home. And when I wasn’t bundling up and unbundling and re-bundling (again) my daughter to head outside for the umpteenth time for little Lemon to use the bathroom, screaming “POTTY OUTSIDE” at the top of my lungs, I transformed into temporary “playtime referee.” As you’re probably guessing, neither party cared.

It’s funny how life works sometimes, my daughter is intrigued by and consequently loves her pet sister’s toys. And as you are probably guessing, Lemon, our three-pound MaltiPoo has become infatuated with her older (human) sister’s developmentally and age-appropriate interactive playthings.  Have y’all ever seen a dog play with a musical toy box while watching your daughter pick up and slowly bring towards her mouth her pet sissy’s slobbered toy?  Yup, I have.  As much as I hate to admit it, it really was a Kodak moment.

My point in writing this article is to share with y’all the reality of being human.  Of being a mama, a sister, a daughter.  Being a mama isn’t always glamorous or Instagram-worthy.  It is real.  It is life.  And that y’all is where I find the true beauty of life to be.  So rather than freaking out over my daughter handling Lemon’s toy, I laughed.  In that moment, I felt happiness.  It was a natural moment that I was able to share with the two most precious beings in my life, and it was perfect.

Real, real, real.  There truly is so much simplicity packed into such a tiny word.  With ‘2019’ in full swing, I have since adopted that mantra.  Going forward, I want my life to be filled with “real” moments: whether they be good, bad, or ugly.  I want to live in those moments simply and naturally.  Whether it be the moments I experience or the natural products that I use on my skin, I want it to be pure and I don’t want to cover up or blur the beautiful imperfections that naturally lie within.


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