sunday forever? yes, please.

sunday forever? yes, please.

Y’all, how dang beautiful are these crystals? 

Crystals have become the latest wellness guru trend.  So, just how exactly do you start?  What supplies do you need?  More specifically, which crystals will best serve you? 

That’s just it, where do you start?  Well, if you’re me, it all started the morning of December 1, 2019.  My mama and I had decided that our last β€œgirly” day before I left for hubby’s flight training in Oklahoma, was going to be spent being pampered at the Litchfield Day Spa.  As we were making our exit, we noticed the cutest, little dark distressed wooden table adorned with all-things spiritual.  Crystals, sage, lighters engraved β€œsage yourself,” beautifully hand-crafted bowls to rest your sage.  It was breathtaking.

Our hands gravitated to the small pouches resting on the tables surface hand stamped β€œSUNDAY FOREVER,” each filled with three unique and beautifully glowing crystals. 

Satisfied with our findings, my mama gifted me my first ever β€œset” of crystals.  We sat in my Jeep for hours.  Crying, laughing, holding each other, each drawing the energy from our crystals clenched tightly in our hands.

I was going to miss this.  I still do

Through my reflection on those moments that we shared, I’ve come to regard that downright sad and intensely emotional day as my starting point, hers, ours. Moreover, it sparked my interest in crystals and took away the mystified aura surrounding the collection, use, and ultimate power of each.

With each passing day, I continue to open myself up fully to learning, growing, and evolving. In doing so, I have become totally focused on taking my sweet crystal babies with me on that journey.

You have to start somewhere y’all, so don’t be intimated!


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