15 interesting facts about me

15 interesting facts about me

Happy Friday y’all!

I figured that I’d end this work week off on a more light-hearted note by sharing some facts about me.

Here are (what I believe to be) the ’15’ most interesting facts about me:

1. I’m literally a hot mess express 24/7.

2. I want five children, my husband has so far agreed to three, we’re gettin’ there (HA!).

3. We are a military family + are currently stationed in Enid, Oklahoma.

4. Prior to holding the job title of Domestic Goddess at the Dodenhoff residence (thank you Taylor), I was a civil litigation paralegal.

5. I have six tattoos.

6. I established (and now currently run) a virtual, faith-influenced book club.

7. I am a (brand spankin’ new) Maskcara beauty artist.

8. I on/off struggle with anxiety.

9. I was raised Catholic, and have since converted over to Christianity. I attend a non-denominational church!

10. I’m a complete homebody.

11. I have a pesky chalazion in my right eye that just won’t quit it (culprit unknown). Never heard of it before? Click here.

12. I have (what I would consider to be a) pretty eclectic taste in music ranging from everything Country to Sublime + Dave Matthews Band.

13. I plan on homeschooling my daughter + all the babies that we God-willing will some day have.

14. We have a 3-pound MaltiPoo fur baby named Lemon, it was one of our daughter’s 1st Christmas presents.

15. I’m super obsessed with my religious “War Binder,” it literally breathes positivity into my everyday life.


Well, there ya have it folks! I’d love for all you mamas to share some facts about yourself.

Sending love and positivity to each of y’alls Friday night!

Xo, ACDπŸ¦‹β™‘

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