thoughts on gratitude

thoughts on gratitude

According to many sources on the World Wide Web, there is an actual science to practicing gratitude.

Gratitude, which essentially means, the quality of being thankful, can (as we know) be expressed in a great variety of ways. However, before we can express it, we must first start by (quite literally) feeling it from within.

It isn’t some complicated science y’all, we just need to become more mindful and receptive to all of the blessings that surround us, that are loaded into each second of each and every day.

In doing so, we must also realize the absolute value of every being in our life. This too, (I believe) is encompassed by gratitude.

We are human. The feeling of gratefulness weans and wanes throughout our days, our lives really. It is completely normal. We aren’t robots programmed to see the beauty in every second of our sometimes super rocky lives.

But, just because we can’t be perfect (at realizing all that we should be grateful for), does not mean we should not or cannot try.

So, I started a gratitude journal. Be sure to click here to read more on gratitude journaling. The following is an article that had been published in UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine. It literally gives you the 411 on gratitude. Check, check it out y’all!

Happy weekend babes!

XO, ACDβ™‘πŸ¦‹

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