be present

be present

Good afternoon y’all!

If any of you saw my short post, “Busy 🐝,” that I had posted late last night, I just wanted to apologize for my lack of spelling efficiency and the great bunch of grammatical issues that lie within the few strings of sentences that I had posted. (It has since been edited . . .) HA! My inability to miss a day of writing, the promise that I had made to myself weeks back, surely shows y’all my dedication to this online journal, blog, whatever you wanna call it.

Anyways, today I thought I would talk about being present. I was inspired by a Pin that I had saw on Pinterest late last night. The image is super simple in nature, but truly, it had presented to me in such a powerful way. The following image can be found on Pinterest, just click here!

From my previous entries, y’all probably would assume that I am a super optimistic, ever-present individual. Although that is true, this is not my constant reality. For further insight, ask the man that lives with me, my hubby!

Personally, and again, in my opinion, it is nearly impossible to be present in each and every moment, each and every day. We are only human.

Again, don’t get me wrong, most days I am the super free-spirited, carefree, and ever-present girl that I had grown up being. Example: Watching our daughter turn our kitchen into a dairy bar gone wrong as she tries to feed herself frozen yogurt. My husband cringing at the sight of FroYo flying everywhere. I, on the other hand, can be seen laughing in pure delight. Seeing her try new things, seeing her learn/grow, and plain ol’ simple seeing her happy, blocks out any/all worries that may enter my mind. I can tell y’all a million similar stories, but overall, I guess you can just say that I have an eye for finding beauty in the chaos. Simply, thriving in the super raw, messy moments of life.

Now, on the other hand, for some reason the overwhelming feeling, the actual power, that my laundry list of to-do’s has over me is unreal! My daily laundry list of to-do’s, this is what I find to remove me from the present moment. Why? Not sure. I simply just chalk it up to: “It is, what it is.”

Take a moment to reflect on what exactly removes you (at times) from the present moment.

However, it is during these moments, when I begin to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, that I re-center myself and re-focus on the present. The laundry can get done later, if not later, tomorrow. The dishes? Same. Writing? Tonight. If not, adapt. Write while rocking her to sleep.

What I am more or less trying to say here you guys, is that we are human. It is extremely natural to feel overwhelmed. To feel as if we have wasted time in the past, because we weren’t as present as we should or would have liked to have been. Don’t work yourself up over it! Even if you are mindful (like myself) of being present, you are still going to have days where you off on some other island, where you should instead be focusing on the here and now. Don’t beat yourself up. Just be mindful.

Cus’ honey, in the end, that moment ain’t never comin’ back.

Have a wonderful rest of your day loves!

XO, ACD β™‘πŸ¦‹

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