mama talk #5: old couches + new pillows

mama talk #5: old couches + new pillows

The infamous Rhode Island couch that I touched upon in “mama talk #3.”

The same couch that my now husband, then boyfriend, and I spent countless weekends on binge watching the β€˜Flix, cuddling, learning about each other + life.

The same couch that I used as a bed and slept on (nightly + routinely) outside of my newborn daughter’s room while my then boyfriend, now husband was in Officer Training School for the Air Force.

The same couch that was used in Rhode Island, moved from Rhode Island to Connecticut, used in Connecticut, moved from Connecticut to Oklahoma, used in Oklahoma in our first home on Books and moved from Books to our new temporary home in Oklahoma. It will be moved again to our new temporary home in Southern Oklahoma, and again back to our soon-to-be new (temporary) home on the East coast.

I have always wanted this couch gone, for no particular reason other than I wanted something new.

But that’s the funny thing about “something new,” we always want new, a fresh slate, a no-background story.  But how about re-invention? What are your thoughts on re-inventing and re-purposing? We don’t throw ourselves out and essentially β€œreplace” us. No. We must invest in re-inventing and re-purposing the perfectly imperfect foundation that we are so beautifully built upon.

So throw on some new pillows, give that old couch a good cleaning, and enter the world being the badass, history in the making self that you are πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Your past and history is gold + so are you.

Re-invent yourself mama.

With love from Oklahoma,

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