mama talk #6: navigating parenthood + weed killer

mama talk #6: navigating parenthood + weed killer


Let’s get real y’all | I am not sure if it is just me, or if I speak for most mamas when I say, that drawing the fine line between parenting your child(ren) and being their friend is really, extremely difficult. Or wait, is this just a “me” problem? Doubt it. I say this only because, a lot of things us mamas face, we feel are just “us” probs. . . but, as we always come to find, they are not.

In these past 14-months of mothering my daughter, I have struggled with discipline. I have completely and utterly struggled with thoughts of how, when the time came, I was going to discipline her when the circumstances required such.

Raising little Miss Brooklyn Meadow has been an absolute dream. Being that a majority of the time, it was (and is) just her and I, I literally view her as my bestie. Given that my husband was gone a good majority of her life, she has quite literally weathered every storm with me. She has shared in my happiness, my sorrows, the solo adventures, everything. The thought of telling her no, or one day having to discipline her, made me feel like a “mean” mama.

Today’s sermon changed all of that for me. And for you mamas out there reading this, who, like me, viewed (or presently view) discipline as “mean” and unnecessary, this is for you too. . .

Discipline is like weed killer, it kills the “bad” things, and helps nourish and promote growth to the “good” things.

Discipline, like weed killer, is sometimes harsh, though it comes from the best possible place.

Temporary discipline, which moves our child(ren) to walk in fear of the Lord, allows us to disable whatever may|can cause harm to our child(ren), before it disables them. So mamas, disciplining our child(ren) on solid ground, does not make us mean or heartless, it means that we care and that we want the utter best for them. Just as God disciplines us for a reason. [We are His children, and He loves us endlessly.]

On the flip side, in the words of American evangelical theologian, ethicist, and preacher Russell Moore, in order to parent our children, we must be disciplined ourselves. Mamas, we need to rid our society of the belief of “Do as I say, not as I do,” and rather, live by:

Do as I do, because I am doing this too.

Y’all! Let’s make our lives so whole, so beautiful, so fulfilling, that our children want to be the image bearers of our us. For those mamas who worship the Lord, let us be an image of God for our kids, let us show them the absolute beauty of walking in the fear of the Lord. Let us show our children the beautiful and bountiful life that our maker so carefully crafted for each and every one of us. Let us live in sync with Him. Let us use our every talent grow, to (be selfish) and chase our every dream, and to ultimately, raise our little humans with love and in the light of the Lord.

Much love mamas ✌️

With love from Oklahoma,

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