mama talk #7: dish soap + grace

mama talk #7: dish soap + grace

So much of me wanted to lose my absolute (excuse my language mamas) shit today.

Between disgruntled without reason neighbors, a growing (and recently more opinionated than average) sassy toddler, and getting dish soap in my eye (long story, direct message for inquiries), one can say that my day has been rather πŸ‘’y.

But unlike most days, I have decided today and for every not-so-good day that will inevitably come, that rather than allowing a bit more than a few bad moments to ruin the absolute beautiful day that God so wonderfully laid before me, I instead will:

In the times that life has me on my knees, I will pray. I will pray for the strength, grace, and guidance that I so desperately need and deserve. I will grant myself grace. I will laugh through life’s more trying moments, and not take myself or any situation (for that matter) all too seriously. I will leave the dishes in the sink, the clothes can hang out for just one more day in the dryer, and the countless tasks that I had set out for myself to complete today, can be kicked to the curb until I am finally able to (1) brush my teeth and (2) shower (hopefully later 🀞🏼). In the meantime, I will throw on the β€˜Flix, curl up on the couch with my little miss Brooklyn Meadow and watch her favorite TV show with her. I will patch up my eye, take a deep breath, and save the not-so-glam parts of #momlife for after the house goes down to bed for the night.

Because mamas, we all need a little grace sometimes ✌🏼

Be open to receiving | giving grace y’all; it is truly, a beautiful thing.

With love from Oklahoma,

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