mama talk #8: OBOGS failure + radio frequency changes

mama talk #8: OBOGS failure + radio frequency changes





The condensed and compressed manner of the word β€˜life’ is directly representative of β€˜life’ itself.

The nature of life itself, is condensed and compressed.

Condensed in the sense that we are so wonderfully blessed to be given by our Maker, such a full life in such, an essentially short span of time.  So blessed, that each day, being it only twenty-four hours, is filled with so much (whether it be trying or otherwise) – It is full + fulfilling.  Condensed in that we have a set, finite time on this Earth, in which we are given the ability to create whichever perspective we choose to formulate.  Talk about control. . .  [Dream on mama]  We have total and full control.  We are free agents.  Your parents, the government, your boss, no one can dictate the perspective that you choose to create and consequently employ.

One would then ask, how dang lucky are we?


Towards the end of our life, life can be seen as compressed, in the sense that everything we have ever done in our lifetime, from the elements of the small, mundane, and rather monotonous task-like moments that each day holds to the more grandiose moments (family vacations | becoming parents | landing your dream career) to the happy, feel-good moments, to the moments of reflection of our character, it can all be compressed into one word + feeling: fulfillment.

Remembering (not dwelling, there is a difference) that our time here spent on this Earth is finite, though our afterlife is infinite, draws out our fulfilled-fueled perspective on this thing we call life.

Looking back at the last twenty four years of my life, I see beauty.  Throughout all of it, throughout all of the chaotic β€œbad” moments|days, throughout the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and all of the euphoric and elated moments.

All I ever truly see, is beauty.

I see beauty in the process, beauty in [my] growth, beauty in the difficult, on-my-knees, trying comin’ to Jesus moments.  Beauty in the breakups, beauty throughout the years of teen angst.

I see beauty amongst the chaos.





One might say, and consequently associate, chaos with bad, negative, dark, non-navigable. Chaos may bring to some, feelings of unease, tension, confusion.

To others, although undesirable, chaos is viewed in a more positive light, it is seen mostly as navigable based on approach.

Life is not easy y’all, and I would be a liar if I said that it was, or that I view (or have every viewed) life as being easy.

But, I am here to help work on your (completely fluid + malleable) perspective (as it is the farthest from solid or fixed), because I find so much value and beauty in the process of personal development and self-growth.

I cannot help but reflect on my husband and his career in aviation.  The bits and pieces of his career that I actually do understand (refer to the β€œabout me” section of this journal to have a β€œLOL” moment), allows me to see so many parallels between life and chaos and the field of aviation.  In addition to there being (what seems like a million) different flight procedures based on the unpredictable nature of mother nature once airspace is entered, there are also procedures and plans for every imaginable failure.  My ultimate fave, and the first that comes to mind, is OBOGS failure.  Otherwise known as β€œOn-Board Oxygen Generating System” failure.  Otherwise, a fancy word for lack of good and viable oxygen.

Y’all, you don’t have to be in the world of aviation to experience OBOGS failure, we ground folks experience this phenomenon every damn day.  We experience this every damn time life takes the absolute wind out of us.  Every time when the plan that we had for the next hour, the next day, and|or our future, doesn’t go according to our plan.  We feel panicked, out of the breath, dizzy.  

This is that chaos that I am talkin’ about y’all!  It is messy, and at times, crippling.

And so I have gone off on this crazy, slightly off-topic tangent (but I couldn’t miss out on the glimmer of opportunity that I had to talk aviation lingo *cue sassy smirk*).

But, I have a reason y’all!  And that is to tell you, that is to tell you, that sometimes when this beautiful thing that we call life throws these hardballs at us, when we lose our oxygen, we must first must change the radio frequency of our brain | our perspective .  Next, we must default to any|all (carefully constructed and haphazardly formed) emergency procedures that we have subconsciously worked out and practiced in our brain(s) an innumerable amount of times.  And if all else fails y’all, give it to God (to your God, to the Universe, whichever/whomever you prescribe to) and let go of the controls (aviators reading this: this does not apply to you literally, y’all can’t get so lucky by letting go of the reigns).

Just literally y’all, let it fucking go.  Let life, let your God, let the Universe take over.  And during this period, take a step back and just damn enjoy the beauty that floats ever so gracefully and eloquently in the midst of chaos.  Let that same driving beauty and force take you to where you are designed to be.

                                          Let life happen | Ride the wave

                                  Embrace | Wander | Learn | Grow | Reflect

Much love mamas from Oklahoma,

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