mama talk #9: The Hills + re-creating your “mama” self

A small town girl, with big city dreams turned small town girl, with big city dreams following her Air Force husband, turned small town girl chasing her big city dreams, while following her Air Force husband.

Has your head started spinnin’ yet?

After The Hills had aired, I had dreamt about applying to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising like LC. The thought of wearing form fitting, all-black outfits as a sophisticated and trendy New York City gal was intriguing. Fun fact: I can’t draw to save my life, and my idea of style is a Boho maxi skirt and mismatched flow-y top. Y’all, what was I thinking?

I wasn’t, I was simply dreaming!

Those dreams built [me] a tough as iron, full proof work ethic. With, I might add, an attitude to match. Through my years of waitressing|bartending, and my short period spent in corporate America, I had felt absolutely content with working my complete ass off for average pay. Sure, my employers consistent praise (of my work ethic) had made me feel fulfilled at times, but ever since I was a young girl, I had always felt like I had something to offer to this world. [And so do you.] I never knew exactly what, but I just knew, it was something.

But. . .

At the time, looking into my future, I was totally content with living all that is afforded to an average lifestyle, because an extraordinary lifestyle seemed unattainable. And up until recently, I was equally content with placing my not-so-specific or clear dreams on hold for the sake of my husband chasing his, for the sake of devoting all of my time and then some to raising my daughter and our fur baby.

LA changed that for me.

The second we had touched down in this magical city, my mindset had almost immediately metamorphosed. My dreams, which once were blurred, undefined, and scattered, had become defined, clear, and attainable. All I needed, was to attach my unwavering work ethic to my now-tunnel vision dreams. All I needed, is to adapt.

That is what it is all about mamas, it is about adapting, it is about realizing that by bettering ourselves, by making something of ourselves, we are bettering and making a better life for our children.

Rather than placing on hold your every dream and aspiration for the “right” time, you need to make the time mama, the time is:




Maybe it was LA, or maybe it was the season of life that God had been preparing me for. Either way, creating and defining a clear vision for my future has made me a way better wifey, a way better mama, and above all, a way better M E.

Remember mamas, we cannot be the “best” wifey, or the “best” mama, without being the best version of ourselves first.

Chase your dreams | start that side gig | pick up that part-time job | start writing

Do whatever fuels your soul | do whatever gives your life fulfillment and purpose

And in the words of my spirt animal Rachel Hollis:

“Girl, stop apologizing”

Much love from Oklahoma mamas,