mama talk #10: stay-at-home mama life + roller coasters

mama talk #10: stay-at-home mama life + roller coasters

The roller coaster of emotions that I experience on a daily basis, is sometimes so overwhelming, that I often wonder if the consistency (in emotion) that I thought I had pre-mama, was even a thing. 

So, why roller coasters?

They are inconsistent, risky, short-lived, adrenaline-provoking, and ultimately, thrilling.  See what I did there?

Why then, in a world fueled by thrill-seeking, risk, and inconsistency, are we so concerned with keeping our emotions|thoughts so streamline and consistent?

Is it because the inconsistency of our emotions brings about an undesirable feeling, or is it because we believe that the emotional β€œnorm” is streamline and consistent? 

I have thought this thought too many times y’all.

One minute I feel on top of the world, as I dive into the hours and hours of work that I try to cram into a two hour nap time. Though, when my daughter wakes and #momlife ramps up again, I feel a sense of distress as the weight of untouched work begins to weigh me down. Yet, at the same time, I am so stinkin’ excited to go into my daughter’s room and see her shining smile as she does her happy dance after waking from her mid-afternoon nap.

My reason in writing this y’all, was not to diagnose my|your emotions. Or, really even talk about emotions for that matter.  I guess you can say, that I am full of surprises. Rather, in a round about way, I wanted to tell y’all to:


worrying | over analyzing | being so dang hard on yourself | looking into everything

Annnnnnnnnnnd just unapologetically live your life like the badass, perfectly imperfect mama you are. . .

We got this mamas –

Much love from Oklahoma mamas,

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