mama talk #13: self-absorption + MLM’s

mama talk #13: self-absorption + MLM’s

Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I am self-absorbed.

*Hi Alyssa*

No, but really y’all, I am freaking self-absorbed. And guess what, you probably are too.

According to Google’s dictionary… Y’all, my level of sophistication is practically oozing out of me, I know… *Self-absorption is defined as, the “[P]reoccupation with one’s own emotions, interests, or situation.”

How many times a day do you, do I, do we, dwell in our own [positive|negative] headspace? How often do we concern ourselves with others’ thoughts/opinions of us? How often do we pre-occupy our time fantasizing of every dream we’d like to conquer, yet take no action.


Welcome to life. Often, it can be a real bitch. But so can you.

You can literally tell your old [non-productive] ways, your old [crippling] thinking patterns, to step aside.

It is probably at this point that many of y’all are thinking, β€œWait, what?” β€œDid this mama really just turn the negative associated with self-absorption into a negative, negative?”

Why yes, yes I damn did.

So let us go off on a total intentional tangent and revisit this topic later. Bear with me. Let’s talk about MLM’s. Multi-level marketing companies, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, schemes in general. By the way – What even is a Ponzi scheme? Hello.

So I probably would never have given much thought to this topic, let alone write on it, if it wasn’t for the sermon that I received this past Sunday. The aforementioned sermon was loaded with faith-based discussion on friendship, self-absorption, and counsel.

For many of you, you know that my mostly love affair with MLM’s began months ago. It was presented to me without attracting or manifesting it. It was really, really random y’all. This basic, typically non-wearing makeup bi-otch stayed up all night dreaming up her dream makeup line and BOOM, she woke up and her fairy godmother presented her with a vessel to achieve and conquer her every dream. The proverbial, magical makeup brush. If you want me to be specific sis, it was The Detail HAC brush. It will always be the dang Detail HAC brush.

Being a stay-at-home, non-workin’ mama, sure it crossed my mind at times that earning an income from home would be killer BUT I was honestly not all that concerned with making money (again, I can see my husband rolling his eyes at me). No but really y’all, he refers to me as the queen of justification. I’m a half-full kinda gal, sue me.

Anyways, I eventually intended to return to corporate America once our baby gal was grown and in school, so I more or less jumped on this opportunity as a mere side gig. My blog, my writing, my makeup, it all started off as a fun side gig. Part of me never really took it all that serious. For one, who was I to take myself seriously as a writer? As a makeup artist? The other part of me, was terrified that the second I did in fact take myself seriously, that failure would anxiously be anxiously anticipating my arrival any chance it got.

I’ll save the mushy gushy for another time, but for now, I wanted to highlight MLM’s, with regard to counsel and personal development.

Y’all, on a personal level I am glowing, growing (n’ earning) all at the same damn time. I am investing in myself, I am pushing myself to new heights, I am raising the bar and ultimately, investing in (and making) my dream life (a reality).

But, in a broader view, I have opened myself up to counsel (from my leaders, from my colleagues, from other renowned and remarkable individuals who have become experts in their field). For some, MLM’s are a joke. They often laugh at the thought of them, one-sidedly, as they view “leaders|recruiters” in MLM’s as “skeezy” for making money off of their recruits.

Boy are they wrong. So let me share with you a side that you have yet to consider. Y’all! These leaders are not making money for nothing. Most, are doing exactly what their title suggests, they are L E A D I N G. They are training, teaching, guiding. Just as God does for us, we are able to serve and do unto others. Counsel outside of ourselves is πŸ”‘. Personal development is πŸ”‘.

Ugh. I promised to keep this short sis, and now look at me. The second I feel passionate towards a topic, I literally spill. my. brains.

I promise you friend, whether you join an MLM for a fun side gig or for a life changing lifestyle change, you will not be disappointed.

Why? Because you will enter into an arena of human-hood that you never before explored. You will enter into a human-hood where people are OBSESSED with bettering themselves and selflessly sharing their same strategies for personal and business success with those around them.

Above all, your dreams will consistently be validated. You friend, will realize the absolute power of dreams. And you, will be the beanstalk that never stops growing.

Work works y’all.

Much loved from Oklahoma,

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