mama talk #15: [the proverbial] eight ball + thrifty behavior

mama talk #15: [the proverbial] eight ball + thrifty behavior

Good morning pretty mamas!

So in addition to sprinkling some truth bombs + inspo’ into your morning latte and Vital Proteins, Collagen Peptides concoction. . . Let’s chat about the feelings associated with constantly believing that you are “behind” the [proverbial] “eight ball” of life.

Is this even a thing? Like an actual, actual thing?

Or, is it just our mindset?

I choose the latte-r. . .


Because if I feel|believe that I am in fact “behind” the eight ball, then I will be.

But, if I miss my alarm clock, wake up to my daughter crying, find a glorious present left for me by Lemon (in her crate), discover my husband’s [dirty] dishes from breakfast piled sky high in the sink, and brood over the countless hours of work that I will now need to squeeze into an hour and a half nap time, AND say hey, let’s freakin’ do this. . . Then no, I won’t be. I will be ahead of the eight ball, because my mindset has set me up for that type-a day.


That is what it is all about loves, it is all about mindset. It is all about ditching the “eight” ball phrase and your negative mindset, because seriously, leave that sh*it at the curb girl, it does not serve you.

While we are at it, [if I am being honest], wanna know what also does not serve y o u? Cold coffee, subpar men, and an average mindset, just to name a few.

In the words of MindBodyGreen, “LET THAT SHIT GO.

Now let’s engage in fun chat. You know, the convo that always, unequivocally leads to my hubby saying, “Alyssa, it is not only $100. Stop justifying.” My hubby is a funny guy. You’ll come to see that over time.

BUT ANYWAYS, let’s talk thredUP. Let’s talk guiltless shopping. Let’s talk the three R’s. . . Reduce, reuse, recycle. Let’s talk sharing wardrobes with our world wide #girlgang. Finally, mama, let’s talk about guiltlessly buying|sharing clothes all from the confines of our comfy|cozy home by using our hard earned income. [Side noteFor those of you in-need of your own, self-funded debit card, hit a sister up!

And no, this is not a paid #ad, though not gonna lie, I WISH! LIKE HEY: thredUP, if you are seeing this right now, hook a sister up!

In all seriousness y’all, after years of streamlining my wardrobe with pieces from TJ Maxx + Marshall’s, I have come to the conclusion that itty bitty pieces of my heart were left behind in the many and countless thrift/consignment stores that I frequented in my pre-mama, pre-busy gal life.

So, why [online] thrift?

Because, why wouldn’t you?

*Cue eye roll* β™‘β™‘β™‘ My other fave “roll” ::: HA

For those of you babes interested in seeing the $347 I saved by using thredUP, stay tuned for my upcoming [thredUP] clothing haul, which will be featured in the “STYLE” section of my online journal, as well as, on my IG @theoriginalhotmessmama. And yes, this haul will totally feature True Religion denim. IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? DUH β€’β€’β€’β€’

With love from your fave Oklahomie mama,

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