mama talk #16: lip injections + real vs. real[ity]

mama talk #16: lip injections + real vs. real[ity]

Good afternoon pretty mamas –

Can we first talk about how freakin’ liberated I feel to not have talons affixed to my nails anymore?  THANK YOU JESUS!  Anyways. . .

I am really going to stir the pot this afternoon. . . So, if you are not interested in having a total WO-AH moment, then I suggest you read no further.

Amongst the millions of topics floating around in my brain, [thank you Taylor for listening endlessly to me ramble on, you are so greatly appreciated], I would like to take this afternoon to dedicate to a topic that I hold e x t r e m e l y near and dear to my heart.

β€’β€’β€’ REAL VS. REALITY β€’β€’β€’

. . .and, the ability to differentiate between the two.

According to Merriam Webster, β€œreality” refers to: β€œthe quality or state of being real.”  Merriam Webster even goes so far as to define the term as: β€œtelevision programming that features videos of actual occurrences.”

As a total Hills junkie, last night I found myself completely distracted from my viewing pleasure, as I was (so rudely) interrupted by a total moment of clarity.  Thanks a lot brain.

The Hills, genre: American reality television series.

The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians, American Idol, more or less, to some extent, are nothing more than a group of actors and actresses β€œacting” according to script [for reality television].  Though their dialogue may not always be scripted, there is certainly a determined plot line for the series, and consequently, the actors|actresses are expected to follow it.

Okay, and now, for all of my old school Hills gals, let’s take it waaaaaay back.  Way back when Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, and (prospective) aspiring handbag designer, Stephanie Pratt, β€œworked” at People’s Revolution. Major truth bomb? Neither Whitney, Lauren, nor Stephanie β€œworked” at PR. In a recent podcast interview with Stephanie Pratt and Kelly Cutrone, of People’s Revolution, Kelly had for once, set the record straight. β€œNone of those girls were ever on my payroll, it was all for TV.” – Kelly Cutrone

Y’all are probably thinking, Alyssa, really?  You are just figuring this out now?

Well, no.  I have always known that this particular series was fused to the world of β€œreality” television.  Though throughout my childhood, I will admit, my naivety led me to believe that it was more β€œreal” than β€œnot real.”  That y’all, is what is most alarming.  Young, impressionable, naive me, had subconsciously fallen into the rather misleading, societal trap.

Y’all, we have entire generations blossoming in a society that has transformed and redefined the definition of β€œreality” entirely.

Not pictured: The actual heat radiating from my body as a result of the Oklahoma heat; My broken heart from seeing Brooklyn Meadow so distraught and tired from this shoot; My thoughts running wild, worrying how exactly these photographs were going to turn out


Now, in shifting gears, let’s talk about pretty typical, every day, common people things, like photoshoots. Even during a family photoshoot, reality can certainly be skewed. What the camera, and the carefully selected and filtered photos do not show or depict: To just name a few, the babies crying, the extreme weather conditions|temperatures, and [often] the emotions felt by each of the camera’s subjects.

Real is present in real time, it cannot always be captured.

Real is the preparation required.  Real is the 15-month-old baby that doesn’t want to sit still for the shoot.  Real is the mama crying on the inside, as she wants nothing more than for her baby to be comfortable.  Real is the 100Β° skyrocketing temps.

Food for thought: A behind the scenes look: A photographer capturing images of the photographer capturing images.  


Pre-reality television, pre-trendy lip injections [yes, I was one of those gals], pre-no makeup, makeup looks, that was reality. 

Y’all reality isn’t real.  Real is real.

I am not here mamas to be the world’s police woman.  I am also not here to my bash my all-time fave show.  I am however here to tell y o u to stop believing and conforming to all that society portrays and displays at the moment as reality. . . Fuller lips, cropped tops, the word β€œGucci.” Forget trends, societal standards, JUST BE Y O U.  Unapologetically Y O U.

And let us raise our daughters to do the same β€’β€’β€’β€’

Much love from your fave Oklahomie mama ✌️

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