mama talk #17: the number three + Boho-inspired bralette 101

mama talk #17: the number three + Boho-inspired bralette 101

Happy Tuesday pretties!

Let’s dive right in, “mama style.” In other words, let’s keep it short, sweet, and to-the-damn-point. Time to spill.

OK, current obsessions: Referring to myself as a “three,” Boho-inspired bralettes, and the perfect red lipstick. All in that order.

First, let’s talk Enneagram. Otherwise known as the, “Enneagram of Personality.” If you’re like me, and are interested in corky facts, then you would be interested to know that “Enneagram” in Greek, means nine, and is representative of the nine interconnected personality types/styles (The Enneagram Institute, n.d.). 

Anyways, in essence, the Enneagram “test” helps the user determine his/her/others personality “type”/”style” associated with the way he/she/others think, feel and act in relation to the world (The Enneagram Institute, n.d.). 

Y’all, this “test” is not, and is in no way, a definitive category placer. Rather, it helps us understand the basics of our personality and others. Not only is it s u p e r freakin’ interesting. . . Almost like the [ever-trendy] peaked interested we seemingly always and subconsciously have in astrological signs and our daily horoscope. But, I believe it to be a super helpful guide in navigating life, and a super cool way to more deeply understand ourselves + others.

Take the test yourself, and tell me what your basic personality type is, in the comments. I am super interested to know!

[To test for free, click here.]

Here are a couple of my favorite links once you find out which type you, or your family and friends are:

The Enneagram Institute

The Enneagram Types in Relationship

*Will update as I come across others.


Y’all know I can’t stick to just one topic. Let’s chit chat my mid-summer essential, that after spending nearly a summer in the intense [but glorious] Oklahoma heat, I will never go without: Boho-inspired bralettes.

I’m talkin’ no wire, comfy/cozy, super sexy, perfect for your fave tank, bra. Because I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand how unsightly standard bra straps look under a super cute tank. GROSS.

And can we please never forget, that bralettes have always been my thing, like, before they were an actual thing. RIP real bras.

Here are my two faves:

FP One Adella Bralette – $38

Available in 17 colors

Adjustable straps

Lined at bust | Minimal support | Non-padded

*For those, like me, who love saving money while spending money, visit Nordstrom Rack for various, discounted FP bralettes. The Adella was not at this time featured.  Side note – The Dillard’s in our town is going out of business Jan. 2020, so I was able to snag the Adella in Charcoal for 20% off.  Someone please tell me husband how great of a deal that is 😭

*I wear small

Vici Crush on You Lace Bralette – $22

Recently restocked

Adjustable straps

Padded bust; L O V E the support

*Get on the list (e-mail sign up) and save 20% on your first purchase.

*I wear small

So, there you have it gals, your totally pretty, randomized daily roundup β€’β€’β€’β€’

Sweet dreams loves,

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