mama talk #18: from B, to A + the power of sunshine

mama talk #18: from B, to A + the power of sunshine

As I rocked Brooklyn Meadow down for her afternoon nap, well attempted, I began to cry. This little human in my lap, sat beaming at me, as if staring directly into my soul. I could not help but imagine all that she wanted to say to me in that moment, had her 15-month-old self supported such linguistic capabilities.

To tell me that she loves me. To tell me that I am beautiful. To tell me: That she looks up to me, and wants to be just like me one day. That I am kind, smart, silly, fun, caring. That she feels so blessed to have me as her mama.

And maybe, just maybe, those thoughts are too complex for my beautiful 15-month flower child.

So, just maybe, those were my own thoughts. Just maybe, while looking at the loving way that my daughter looked at me, I gave myself the grace that we all deserve, and require. Just maybe, I praised myself and enacted some good ol’ positive self-talk.

[It had me emotional y’all!]

So often, life takes control, and we become so wrapped up lifin’ it, that we forget to make the [necessary] time to physically + emotionally care for ourselves.

We fall into the societal trap. “Mom life is this way.” “Single girls act this way.” “Twenty-something-year-olds are supposed to do this|that.”

Yet, when it comes down to it, there is no actual way.

We each are given the opportunity to unapologetically make our own way.

Lately, I have found myself greatly inspired by Rachel Hollis’, Start Today journal. There is a portion to each daily entry that requires you to write what exactly you are grateful for. I believe, that it is during a moment of intentional gratitude, that we program our mindset to be nothing but kind to ourselves and others.

To shop the Start Today journal, click here.

To create your own Start Today journal, click here for the exact Start Today template. [That’s what I did!]

Be intentional. Start each day with an open mind and grateful heart. Most importantly, wake each morning and take just five-minutes to journal with intent, to plan out your day, and to verbally remind yourself of all of things that you love about yourself. It goes so much farther than you think β€’β€’β€’β€’

My favorite [IG] journal inspo’ accounts: @fiveminutejournal, @thedailywriting, @starttodayjournal

For additional good vibes, get out in the sun mama! I am on day three.  I have found that just a routine thirty-minute walk outside each day has been completely life changing. 

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Lots of love from your fave Oklahomie mama,

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