mama talk #19: thoughts on creating + attention wh*res

mama talk #19: thoughts on creating + attention wh*res

For influencers, by influencer:

Long lost are the days where creators are able to create with the intent to organically sprinkle + shower their niche, passion, magic, and unique perspectives into the Universe without anxiety-provoking expectations.

Or are they?

We have entered into a society that “lives for likes,” literally.

Social media has completely and entirely transformed and re-invented the creative space at large, and as a result, has transformed us into brain washed, [social media] attention wh*res.

I don’t know about you mama, but I don’t follow rules – I break them.

I refuse to allow social media to control how I think|act.

Follower/following ratio, the number of likes a photo receives, the cohesive color scheme a page offers. This y’all, when boiled down, is how we judge fellow creators.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Are we really that shallow?

No, we are not shallow. We are just playing by the rules. We have gotten caught up in the game. But, who needs rules?

So right now in your head you are probably thinking:

Continue to lose sleep over [your] follow ratio, freak out over your “like” count, preset the shit out of your photos. Pay for “likes.” Potentially grow your following rapidly. Increase engagement. Become well known. Make money. Never feel good enough.


Create. Post content from your heart. Be real. Be authentic. Be raw. Be genuine. Praise and uplift yourself for the engagement and “likes” that your content did|does receive, because guess what, your post just influenced X number of individuals and y o u missy, just sprinkled passion and magic into someone’s life. In turn, organically grow your following, increase engagement, create friendships, be inspired, become well known, make money, and feel freaking incredible past|present|future.

Remember the saying you often hear teachers saying? “To be able to change even ONE kids life […].” Y’all with a classroom of upwards of 30 kids, a teacher, ONE individual, will feel accomplished if he/she makes a difference in ONE child’s life in nearly a year’s span.

ONE picture “like,” even just ONE person who viewed your content, that should send you over the moon. Cheers, you are officially an influencer. You are influencing.

It all starts with one. And then eventually, it will snowball to two. And if you are like me, and are from New England, you know just how fast those fucking snowballs can accumulate.

We are all essentially on a journey for growth. It takes a lifetime. In like fashion, so does our creative journey.

So: Continue to create. Stay grounded. Delight in the journey. Remain consistent. Show up each day: Physically and mentally. Be raw, unedited, natural, real, authentic. Establish your niche. Niche [noun]: Place all one’s own ( Dance like nobody’s watching [Source unknown].

Choose badass.

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