mama talk #20: 5 things I’ve done to simplify my life

mama talk #20: 5 things I’ve done to simplify my life

Good morning mamas!

If y’all have been following “mama talk,” you know by now that my writing tends to become a bit outer worldly at times. I blame my third year American Lit course, specifically, Ralph Waldo Emerson. . . I wanted so badly to add to my title, but for readability purposes, I stopped myself. Aren’t you just so proud of me? #GROWTH

It’s Friday, I have Sublime streaming, and I am ready to spill my true and tried tips for turning simplicity onto auto pilot.

First, let’s explore what “living simply” is to you. Is it:

Occasionally “getting off the grid”?

Living an all-natural, sustainable lifestyle?

Practicing minimalism?

Living on the country-side? The beach?

Essentially, do you find that the entirety (or majority) of your life oozes simplicity or does simplicity wean and wane, crashing into your life like the waves of the ocean? Total side note: But gosh, I miss living on the coast line.

As much as I like waves y’all, we want simplicity to basically drip from every pore of our being. . . Not just come | go.

So let’s chit chat tangible tips and simple lifestyle changes that you, your spouse, bestie, and yes, even gram can adopt and alter to drip zen and good vibrations.

As in all aspects of life, consistency is key. Practicing simplistic habits and adopting them as a part of your daily routine are crucial. Implementing these habits on/off is like a bad “I’ll start Monday” diet. It will never work. It will never, ever give you the [magical] results that you would likely be amazed existed or so knowingly, so badly desired.

I’ve done plenty of “things” to help simplify my busy military wife-y, mama life. Practically speaking, these are the top practices that I was able to adopt and [consistently] implement daily. Carrying out a simplistic lifestyle, like most lifestyle change, is trial and error. If a particular practice “doesn’t work” or serve you, ditch it. In my best nagging mama voice: You’ll never know until you try. And remember, when experimenting with a simpler way of living, no one way or method is the “right” way. However, educating yourself on the many [tried] ways of simplification will unequivocally carry and guide you on your journey to true simplicity. What is holding you back?

5 Things I Have Done to Simplify My Life:

1. Early AM Journaling

Taking just five minutes each morning to either write freely, practice gratitude, or simply “plan” and map your day is a M U S T. [Y’all are in the presence of a journaling addict.] For those scared of blank paper, check out #mamatalk #19 for my list of true and tried “guided” journals that add complete ease to the journaling process. Also included, are my favorite [social media] journaling accounts. For THE 5-Minute Journal, click here. Want more? Subscribe to my weekly, morning newsletter, and receive three journaling prompts each week to help jump start your JΒ² [journaling journey].

2. Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Rather than preaching “turn to minimalism, the end,” I will provide concrete, sustainable techniques to attain a more minimalistic lifestyle. That being said, most have a beauty routine. Whether you are a skincare guru, mascara and lipgloss attic junkie and|or a 75-product glam squad babe, you need simple n o w.

For those already bordering minimal beauty, go through your vanity and perform a cleanse. You know, those products that you have had in the back of your cabinetry for half a century that you feel “too wasteful” to get rid of, just freaking do it. I will be your voice of reason. You will never fucking use that eye cream that you impulsively purchased at the drugstore while your kiddos were raising hell. Learn from that purchase, never make a move like that again, and move on.

For all my mascara and lipgloss junkies, the same goes for you. Moreover, if you haven’t started dating your products – Start now. Did you know that your [used] mascara has a shelf life of 2-3 months? Your lip gloss, 6-12. For a complete guide to makeup expiration, click here.

Lastly, my makeup queens, bless your heart. Continue to get your glam fix each morning in just five-minutes [or less] with just one compact palette and one double-ended brush. If this just sparked your curiosity, let’s connect.

3. Say no, set boundaries

This is essential. In my opinion, just as essential as an early morning espresso. Saying “no,” and setting self-preserving boundaries does not make you a bitch, it makes you and everyone around you a happy camper. Try it.

4. Move

I absolutely cringe when I hear someone say, “There just isn’t enough time in a day.” For me, 24-hours is plenty. On average, if you are capturing an approx. eight hours of sleep each night, you have 16 “wake” hours each day to do yo’ thang. You need to M A K E the time, no one has it. Realizing that has been a game changer for me. Whether getting lost in a scroll frenzy or hitting snooze one too many times, we are all to blame. Regardless of your busy bee schedule, set aside 30-minutes each day to move your body. Walk, run, dance, box. Whatever, wherever.

5. Meditate on mind shift changes

The most important: Realize that any change you make is NOT a “lifestyle” change, but rather, a “mindset” change. They are Y O U changes. Leading a minimalistic lifestyle is not a conventional life change, it is a you change. It is a mindset change. In order to lead XYZ lifestyle, you need to work on transforming yourself. Your lifestyle upgrade will follow. Just like losing weight, we cannot just say “I am going to lose weight.” No. Rather, we have to create a weight loss plan and DO it. Lead with mindset, follow and change with lifestyle.

Always. Consistently. Forever.

For this morning’s 5-minute, thought-provoking journaling prompt, be sure to subscribe for good vibes.

Much love from your fave Oklahomie mama,

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