mama talk #22: will new-ish social platform “VERO” replace Instagram?

mama talk #22: will new-ish social platform “VERO” replace Instagram?

Let me preface this convo by saying, if we were still in a time of tangible reading materials and longer than mere seconds of an attention span, I would be delivering y’all hand written newsletters each week. They would be rad and completely drool-worthy. You would love it. It would be great.

Fun fact: According to a recent study performed by Microsoft in 2018, the average human being was found to have an attention span of just eight seconds. Attention span has since decreased since 2000, when it had been recorded to be 12 seconds.

End rant.

Technology is far from my love language, but with recent updates made to Instagram within the last few months, I am packing my bags and ✌️’in out for a much (mini vaca) hiatus. I am all for getting social, but I am not interested in wacky algorithms and paid advertisements at the moment.


Vero is a social media application that allows you to share more than photos. Connect with friends by sharing movies, television shows, music, literature, places, and links. In my opinion it is the user-friendly, one-stop-shop hybrid of Instagram and Facebook.

Vero differs from the likes of ever-trendy Instagram and Facebook, in that it has an entirely diverse manifest. Vero claims their aim is to “create something more authentic” and true. There are absolutely no algorithms, advertisements, or data mining. Rather, your posts will show up in chronological order (like they used to be on Instagram). Fun fact: Vero (Italian) in English means “true.”

It is that damn simple.


Finding this application, has literally got me doing the happy dance y’all. Although not new, it surfaced in 2015, it is still super new-ish and explore worthy.

Coming from this mama who hasn’t been necessarily “active” in the social community within the last few years, I have found this platform to be ultra user-friendly. Similar to Instagram, you are able to like and comment on users’ content that you are following, and yet, do so much m o r e. Plus, if @Goop is taking up real estate on this platform, then you just know I am too.


βœ– Authentic, without the need to “pay to play.”

βœ– Ditch the follow/unfollow game, as your content will be seen.

βœ– The ability to post more than just photos. Share your favorite music, local indie coffee shops, links (for all you IG users, you no longer need a business account with 10k followers to enable the “SWIPE UP” feature in your stories), and so much more.

βœ– Interesting feature: Categorize those you follow as either “acquaintance,” “friend,” or “close friend.” When sharing, you can choose to share your content with either everyone or just select groups. Super real life y’all.

βœ– Upload full-sized photos.

βœ– Hashtags (and links in caption) welcome.


βœ– Given that there are no advertisements, Vero has spoken about making this social for [new users] subscription-based in the future. Though it had been noted, those who have sign up pre-subscription will be grandfathered in. While on the subscription-based theme, let’s not forget, we still pay for subscription-based services such as Spotify premium, Netflix, and Hulu (just to name a few).

βœ– A smaller user pool than social’s such as Instagram and Facebook.

So, what are your thoughts on Vero? Let me know in the comments below.

If you find yourself enchanted by the thought of joining an authentic, true, and free social, find me and let’s connect –

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