mama talk #22: will new-ish social platform “VERO” replace Instagram? PART 2

mama talk #22: will new-ish social platform “VERO” replace Instagram? PART 2

Topic: Sharing your journey, without the bullshit.

Coming to you L I V E from The Centurion lounge at Dallas FW Airport. P.S.: I have been up since 2:30 AM, Iโ€™m currently running on AmEx Lounge scrambled eggs, two freshly brewed cappuccinos, and 3-hours of sleep.

Never one to conform, I find keeping up with the masses to be a total bore. [Caffeine-infused thought – Why be a diamond, when you can be a rare gem?]

This sophisticated hippie mama, who as of Jan. 2019, took her creative venture to the [virtual] social space, had gone without social media for years, years, and years.

Oh, and did I mention, years?

It felt so completely liberating to live my life in the moment, free from wasted time spent scrolling feeds and tapping stories.

However, when my daughter was born and I gained an overflowing surge of productivity and creativity. In just one moment, I turned writer. Literally, all I did was write. I had then found myself at a pivotal point. All that was left, was to share my creations with the world. To give back, to provide service.

So that is exactly what I did. I started slow, I created a website through Word Press. I titled it The Cheeky Midwesterner. I created a Facebook profile, and an ever-notorious Instagram page.

I vividly remember the nightโ€™s spent trying to figure out how to use the damn accounts. So much had changed since my social-crazed high school years. As I explored the โ€œStoryโ€ feature, I felt like my 80-year-old Nonnie who was at a loss of words when she first saw my belly button piercing circa 2010. She didnโ€™t even realize such a thing was possible.

Like most, if not all, my โ€œsocialโ€ life took over my reality. I found myself lost in the scrolling|tapping craze. I was a complete social whore, justifying to my ever-confused husband (he was taken aback by my rapid turn back to the social world) that if I didnโ€™t post to my story regularly I would be less โ€œcurrent,โ€ and no one would be interested in what I had to say.

You laugh. But hey guess what, you know itโ€™s true.


I decided to add a more Indie, less attention seeking social platform to my social presence. One that ditched the stories, because please, (and I am sure I will get haters for saying this BUT), I donโ€™t need to watch your story of you pouring yourself a glass of water or making yourself a smoothie. HELLO, I am so freaking guilty of doing this. Yikes.

Since when did sharing a coffee brew make you โ€œreal,โ€ โ€œraw,โ€ and โ€œauthenticโ€?


Maybe the issue lies in that we need to start being more โ€œrealโ€ with ourselves, and leave it to the Universe to let the rest follow. We donโ€™t need to share the mundane details of [our] life in 15-second increments, for our following to like, know, and trust us. We just need to be real with ourselves, and in doing so, our transparency will be blatantly evident.


Theyโ€™ll still be there, if not more noticeably and worthy. Like the NingXia Red Iโ€™ve been taking shots of each morning and night, that is how my content will present itself. Condensed, sweet, slightly tart, to-the-point, and loaded with vital antioxidants.

As many of those who have been following me know, I am actually obsessed with [over] sharing my journey, and every small detail of it. My toothpaste brand, the slouchy comfy cozy outfit I decided to throw on for my day spent in, my favorite banana bread recipe, or the newest podcast I am streaming.

I just donโ€™t want you, or me, to be plugged into our phones constantly. Regularly and instinctively updating ourself on [our followings] stories, as if addicted. I crave, better yet I desire, a complete societal shift. I want to take our social habits and beyond shortened attention span back to a much simpler time and place. I want us to stop viciously scrolling, and to instead viciously focus on the power and beauty of one or few photograph(s) and beautifully crafted and weaved words.

Call me old fashion. Call me crazy. Call me cool. Whatever you call me, I hope youโ€™re down for the ride.

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For those on VERO or VSCO, drop your handles below. I want to follow ya!

*Whichever platform is your fave, find me, and let’s connect, because it is all about you babe.


Much love โœŒ๐Ÿผ

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