why shopping secondhand is badass for you and for the planet

why shopping secondhand is badass for you and for the planet

Greetings lovers –

For those of you who receive my weekly newsletter, you know that my less than 48-hours in California and my near 24-hours in Vegas (blog entry to come) has left me feelin’ completely jet lagged. Bless my heart.

Side note, speaking of “blessing hearts,” I was recently informed that the southern, mid-western take on this particular saying is a total dis. Actually, according to Urban Dictionary, and I quote, it is: “The most Southern “F you” there is.” Yes, shocking, I [ME] censored a word.

Why are we off on a tangent? Back to topic.

Anyways, I just placed my second order through the world’s largest online thrift store for buying and selling women’s and children’s secondhand clothing: thredUP, which offers designer brands from, β€œGap to Gucci.”

DISCLAIMER: For starters, I would like to make mention that this post is not sponsored. I have no affiliation or ambassadorship with the following company. So although I am useless in that I cannot provide y’all with a promotional discount code, I will say, that thredUP almost always is offering discount codes. Newbie customers receive 50% OFF their entire order with code “NEW.”


So, my first order was I N C R E D I B L E. I had ordered a number of items to spruce up my spring | summer wardrobe. [For all my minimalist gals and mamas, you know just how truly satisfying it is to just add a few statement piece items seasonally to your wardrobe.) That order had included two pairs of ($21.99, originally $89.00) True Religion denim shorts, a killer $143.00 TJD “The Jetset” jumpsuit that I gifted to myself for $31.99, and various (discounted) tops from brands such as American Eagle and Victoria Secret. Overall, I saved $345.07. Yes, you read that correctly.


My second order on the other hand was not incredible, it was pure magic.

My bad case of the Winter blues and spend thrift ways pressured me into placing an order. I truly suck at saying no, and in this case, neither myself, nor my wallet is made about it.

This time, I had the pleasure to rejuvenate the shit out of my fall | winter wonderland wardrobe. I saved $512.07 y’all.

𝕄π•ͺ π•Ÿπ•–π•¨π•–π•€π•₯ π•‘π•šπ•–π•”π•–π•€:

1: House of Harlow 1960 X Revolve – Est. Retail: $143 – Purch. Price: $28.99
2: Free People – Est. Retail: $108 – Purch. Price: $20.99
3: Urban Outfitters – Est. Retail: $60 – Purch. Price: $16.99
4: Lucky Brand – Est. Retail: $188 – Purch. Price: $46.99 [FINAL SALE]
5: Victoria’s Secret – Est. Retail: $45 – Purch. Price: $17.99
6: Express – Est. Retail: $50 – Purch. Price: $18.99
7: We the Free [Free People] – Est. Retail: $71 – Purch. Price: $19.99


– Environmental:

β‹’ Environmental sustainability;

β‹’ Textile waste – The extended lifespan of a garment, reduces landfill waste;

β‹’ Eco-friendly – Less clothing being manufactured = less water, chemicals, energy required to produce new clothing; and,

β‹’ Enhanced culture – Places individuals (and society at large) into a β€œrecycling” mindset, and culture of recycling that in turn, helps the community.

– Financial:

β‹’ Easy on the pocket | Money saving

Have you tried thredUP yet? What are your go-to secondhand shops? Comment below!

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