mama talk #22: where change occurs, growth follows

mama talk #22: where change occurs, growth follows

Good afternoon loves, and the happiest of Monday’s –

The Original Hot Mess Mama is back bitches, and she has learned oh, so much in the last couple of weeks of her semi-hiatus.

I want to dive deep into my thoughts, my recent fails + flops, my victories, and all of the learning that has occurred in-between.

I want to talk about my brief hiatus from Instagram, the 24-hours I spent in Vegas, and the constant learning wave that I am always [and at times, not-so-gracefully] riding.


Let’s first start with my recent (well-needed) break up with Instagram. I’ll admit, it was super public, somewhat messy, and rather abrupt.
But hey, aren’t all breakups that way?

For those interested in hearing my [real + raw] initial, past thoughts on Instagram, be sure to reference these mama talk’s: PART 1 + PART 2. They really do tell all.

My Instagram-less two weeks have taught me a hell of a lot. Seriously, a shit ton.


For one, although I stand firm in not playing algorithm games. I will admit, without Instagram, I felt helpless in my ability to share my content with the world, who at large, uses Instagram as their main social platform. I missed all of IG besties, and as I have heard from many of you, y’all have missed me too. #LOVEY’ALL (Kind of like breaking up with your beau, only to lose all your ex-beaus friends. Sad.)


Secondly, my mini breakup with Instagram has taught me that I need to act “selfless” when it comes to sharing my [creative] content socially. “It ain’t about you Alyssa.” – Alyssa to Alyssa. In other words, my mission as a creator is to share [my content] to a multitude of platforms, so that my gal tribe can follow me on their preferred platform. Not vice versa. I mean c’mon, the brand, The Original Hot Mess Mama was built on the premises that every gal is unique, individualistic, [most importantly] badass, and totally entitled to her preferences.


Plenty of things exist in this world, and they are exactly that, just “things.” Just because soda exists, it doesn’t mean that I drink it.

In other words, Instagram’s existence doesn’t waste my time. My [scrolling|tapping] actions are wasting my time. It’s simple. If I don’t want to waste my time on Instagram, I need simply not do it. What a light bulb moment. It only took me distancing myself from Instagram for two weeks to realize that. Yikes.

SO –

What I am trying to say y’all is sometimes it takes events in your life, even past decisions, choices, mistakes [whatever you want to call them], for you to realize certain things. Everything, I mean everything, that happens in life, happens for a reason. Most of the time, and what is often most frustrating, is that we don’t always know the “why.” Our innermost child shines through during these moments. We so badly want to know why. Why, why, why. Though we may never receive or understand the “why” that we so badly desire, our analytical ways and adaptive perspective allows for us to turn the page, LEARN, and most importantly, GROW.

You will always be led to where you are meant to be. Often, life’s plan (God’s plan, the Universe’s plan) is different than the plans that we draw up for ourselves because we cannot see the bigger picture. We’re electricians (highly specialized and skilled in our field) trying to draw out building specs for the building in its entirety.

So, just because you were feeling some type-of-way yesterday or last week, or held prior ideals, it does not mean that either is concrete. Our thoughts, state of being, ideals, they are all fluid and malleable. Growth occurs in our ability to change. Being a chameleon doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you freaking beautiful.

Change is beautiful, and so are you mama.

Still curious about Vegas? Y’all thought I’d spill all in just one post, c’mon now. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Kidding. Subscribe, and be the first to know. Mama talk #24 to come. . .

With love,

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