mama talk #23: true and tried tips on remaining  unique in a world that demands conformity

mama talk #23: true and tried tips on remaining unique in a world that demands conformity

Hi pretty loves, and the HAPPIEST OF HUMP DAY’S!

Wait, it is Wednesday, right?

I have heard it a thousand and ten times: “That is so you,” “That is definitely your style,” and, “Oh my gosh, so you.”

One word: LOL

I can totally use “LOL” as a word now right? The Oxford English Dictionary considers it to be. Curious? Click here. Lord help us all. *Rolls eyes*

Why yes, I will take your backhand compliment as a compliment because yes, I am a rare breed and I fucking love it.


We are all the rarest of crystals, no two alike. Sure, there are various classes of us. Some amethysts, some rose quartz. Though, no two amethyst or rose quartz are identical.

So, although you and I may fall into the earthy mama, hippie babe category, it doesn’t mean we are one in the same. We are each overflowing with uniqueness and individuality. We can either capitalize on the overflow, or, scurry to clean up our surplus of uniqueness, whilst conforming and trying our damndest to be most-like our rose quartz gal pals. The latter is so much more work y’all. Just like hand me my cup of coffee, my Stress Away oil, and let me live my damn life. Save the Norwex E-cloth, I am not up for cleaning up any messes. For all my paper towel gals, save that shit for a more worthy cause.

Bottom line: Just be yourself.

I will be the first to admit, “being yourself” isn’t all that simple. Sure, in the long run it requires less effort, though initially, the road is “rock”-y. This is not a sprint y’all, it is a marathon. So let’s get that mindset right babe. I have got “3” simple tips for you, cus’ “3” is my favorite-est number.


Yes, you and I are both guilty of this. Super subconscious, super real. And, I can almost guarantee that you judge yourself more than any passerby or acquaintance.

Yeah, we can all totally spot Karen being a total bi-otch from across the room staring you up and down. But hey, guess what, her staring you down, secretly judging you, has [likely] just subconsciously trajected you into a negative mindset shift, and now you are shit-talking your own self probably worse than she is. Cut that shit out. Literally.

I am talking to you like my bestie right now (because I care about you, and you are my bestie), but seriously, we all know that Karen’s a bi-otch. Let her drown in her own negativity, you stay afloat girl, and you continue to flood your brain with positivity, light, and love. You deserve every ounce of it, never think otherwise. You are every positive thing you tell yourself.


We hear it all the time. Everyone says it, few adhere. It is so damn tempting to compare ourself to others.

This tip is extremely challenging, especially in a society where what we deem to be “perfection” is splayed across every social platform and Internet browser.

So, yes, we are all surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, and successful individuals. Our mindset tells us that they are more beautiful, more intelligent, more successful than us. They aren’t. Why? Because we are not in competition with them. We are only in competition with the gal that we were yesterday. I want to be more beautiful, more intelligent, and more successful than August 20ths, Lyssie. Yesterday’s me is my competition, not @crystallover101 or @bestmomev on Instagram. (By the way, I totally just made those handles up.) Those (fictiousous) gals are beautiful, intelligent, and successful, but they aren’t my competition and I refuse to size myself up to them.

I may be a Reese’s mini, but I am still the real deal. No need to compare.


We’ve got all the “-ly’s” in that heading y’all.

I want you to take a moment, close your eyes, turn out the internal|outside noise, and place yourself in the middle of a cornfield thousands of acres big.

You are standing in the field, the August sun is beating down on you in the most comfortable way possible. There is a slight, cool revitalizing breeze.

Plot twist: You are naked.

I now want you to dress yourself in whatever makes you feel the happiest. What clothing makes you feel most like yourself?

I want you to take a mental snapshot of who you are in that very moment. What characteristically makes you, you? What thoughts ran through your head? In that judgment free zone, who did you create yourself to be?

Walk your ass out of the cornfield, and show up as that girl every single damn day. Unapologetically. Make life your judgment free zone cornfield.


So what if Karen and her bestie Sara are gossiping about you? Gossiping is like candy, if candy is your thing. Delicious, addictive, sugary sweet, and totally bad for you. Eventually, Karen and Sara are going to have upset stomachs and they will eventually stop gossiping about you. They may pick back up once they are feeling better, they may turn to a new gal, but F it. Do you honestly care?

Me personally, whether you are kindly talking about me or bad mouthing me, I freaking love it. Bottom line: I am worthy of your precious breath, YES. *Winks for days*

The bottom-est of lines: Be kind to yourself and others.

The bottom-est-est of lines, the absolute takeaway: Highlight what makes you different and unique. The Universe needs it. You need it. I need it. And keep that positive self-talk up babe, it is pure gold.

Much love,

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