let’s get oily: so, like what is the hype?

let’s get oily: so, like what is the hype?

Do essential oils even work? Why pay $30 for Lavender essential oil, when you can pay $5 for that [supposed] same oil at Marshalls? [ Eh-em, TJ Maxx, because my neck of the woods doesn’t value a good Marshie’s like me and my besties do. ] Hold up, aren’t oils just a fad?

Side note – If you’ve never looked up the actual definition of the word “fad” before, you need to, like now. Seriously, it is just so perfect. I am sure all my word-y peeps will be in agreeance.


Anyways, it’s nearly 4:00 PM. I have been up since 4:00 AM, and to be quite honest, I think I may make this my new jam. It is great. I feel extra productive, vibrant, and lively (thanks to my Creme Brulee cafe topped with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream). C’mon now, waking up at the crack ass of dawn deserves a reward… Daily. Don’t it?

Anyways, anyways – Let’s get this page a little oily, shall we? I am going to take you on my essential oils adventure? Y’all ready?

However, before we start, let’s take a brisk walk down memory lane. So if we are being technical, my journey with oils began years and years ago with a trendy diffuser and a tiny $5 bottle of synthetic, chemical-y toxins labeled “Lavender Essential Oil.” Super relaxing. I can practically envision me being gassed out of my home, and on my way to the ER, had I diffused that bottle a second longer.

Call me stupid, call me clueless, call me want you want. It was dumb, though definitely not the dumbest thing I have ever done [if I am being honest]. Like most, I was simply uneducated. Young me didn’t realize the science and methodology behind oils. Young [hippie] me saw oils as trendy. Throw a couple of drops of this, and a couple of drops of that into my diffuser, add H20: BOOP BOOP BOOP.

That my friends is what [wanting-to-be educated me] loves about oils. They are another realm of life. Something tangible, something to take seriously, something that you have control over, something truly life changing.

And that, my Original Hot Mess Mama babes is why I have [as of last night] decided to “ditch and switch.”



For lack of better words mama, it means that the house is on fucking fire, and we need to evacuate immediately. Like: Yesterday, immediately.

Okay, no, if I am being serious, it means to ditch all of the products in your existence [and those products that you are presently using] that are toxic and harmful to you, your family, and the environment, and switch to safer alternatives. I.e., oils, oils, oils.


“…But, I feel wasteful getting rid of it. I’ve used this shampoo only once.”

ME: “Really Jessica, your $5 OGX shampoo that was rated an ‘8’ by THINK DIRTY, that $5 is worth putting your health at risk?”

Speaking of OGX: GUILTY! I have half-full bottles of the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo|Conditioner (that I have been using for literal years) in my shower right now. I will give you one guess on where those are going. . .

Call me wasteful, call me crazy, call me the queen of justification (as my husband says), but again, in my opinion, you just can’t put a price tag on your health.


Now we indulge on our purchasing pleasure, and we research the shit out of safer alternatives. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for research|testimonial driven content outlining Original Hot Mess Mama approved products.

P.S.: For those not currently getting dirty on THINK DIRTY, you should know that the application does also provide recommendations for safer alternatives for easy peasy transitioning.


Is the sky blue?

As a writer, I want nothing more than to consolidate and put into words the absolute power of oils.

For now, I will leave y’all with this. Run here, and purchase this and be sure to connect with me so that we can get you wholesale pricing. For my fancy gals, it comes in a “roll on” too. I promise you, I can almost guarantee you, that this bottle will forever change your life. You will for once understand why every other gal on Instagram is gettin’ oily, and you will completely understand why should have enacted the “ditch and switch” method like yesterday. Pure magic, nuff’ said.


I am going to sound like your mama when you ask “why,” and she says, “…because I said so.”


Just because an unbranded oil is $5, it does not necessarily mean that it is crap. Though you won’t know until you research it. The .1% lazy side of me shines through during moments like these. Simply put, I trust what I know. I find a trusted brand that I like, that my friend is where I place my orders through. Let me be yo’ [oily] dealer. If I am being honest, I am not badass enough to take out the “[oily].” Sorry, not sorry.

So far, throughout my journey, I’ve come to trust the following brands: Young Living and Simply Earth (interested? use HOTMESSMAMAFREE for a $40 gift card). Though, I will certainly update this list as I come across others.


If you are uneducated, yes. Please reference paragraph seven. [Look at me bringin’ back my legalese roots.] However, if you find yourself intrigued and interested in educating yourself, then no. It is a damn lifestyle. If you, like me, take your lifestyle seriously, then EO’s are the complete antithesis of “fad.”

I have recently partnered with two diverse essential oil companies in an effort to educate and inspire on the oily lifestyle change that I have made for myself and my fam bam.

Okay, now promise not to judge?

Can I please pull a total best friend move for a second? Envision yourself at a bar with me. I need to pee. You don’t. I then look to you: “Will you come with?”

So now, I pose the question.

Want to be my bestie and accompany me on my clean, natural, simplistic, and minimalistic journey with me?

Much love,

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