mama talk #25: you, are the seed of a wildflower: plant yourself + stay rooted

mama talk #25: you, are the seed of a wildflower: plant yourself + stay rooted

Ever since tapping into my creative side [ eh-hem ] cue January 2019, I have entered a whirlwind of growth & change.

I have truly explored all the creative sides from within. Most, I have pushed to their full potential, & others I have faced at surface level, in light ways.

Can I be honest?

The craziest phenomenon is realizing just how much potential y o u truly have. From experience, I have come to the realization that the growth that has occurred from January ’19 to present, would not have transpired had it not been for simply:


Seeds are [ e s s e n t i a l l y ] worthless if not planted, loved, nurtured, cared-for & lead to their full potential.

K E Y : planted

You my friend, your very being, all the particles within you [ your intelligence, inner beauty, creativity, etcetera ] can all be equated to the likes of a seed.

Yes, you can read that again. A seed.

You must plant & root your very being, truly all of you, firmly. Follow, by nurturing, caring-for, & loving all of what you aspire to, all of which resides within.

my story

For starters, for a bit of [ brief ] insight on my Educational background, click here.

Carryin’ on ::: So, in January ’19, a month after moving out to Enid, Oklahoma, I had found myself entirely overwhelmed balancing our change in lifestyle [ military training enviro ], raising an infant from dusk til’ dawn, and trying to finish an online degree in Psychology.

I survived on little-to-no sleep, the quality of life that I was creating for myself was beyond poor, & for lack of better words, I was fucking done with constantly lighting & re-lighting the flame of passion that I once had for finishing my degree. It felt as if something were missing.


honesty hour

Can I be even more honest?

Prior to starting blogging in January ’19, I never [ other than through school instruction, and as a child ] wrote in my free time.

So it really wasn’t until I started blogging, that I began to see my full potential. The doors flew open, the angels sang down from Heaven, God had smiled knowingly. . . You’ve started.

My writing has brought me closer to my true self, to the Lord, to my dreams. It had carried me to the starting point of my journey.

The intertwining of my very being, of my dreams, & of my writing has opened doors that I never knew existed. Monsters Inc. totally just flashed before my eyes. I am such a mom. Okay, back to topic.

the not-so-glam side of starting

You make a lot of fucking mistakes. Got it? K.

Like more than you’ll ever want to admit.

Gosh, I mean, I sometimes look back & just blankly say “WHO TF ARE YOU? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

Like that time I decided to join “#glamsquad” & cake & frost on the makeup. I quickly discovered that it was so not my thing. If you couldn’t already tell, I like simple, minimal, & easy. You know, the fundamentals. Hashtag necessary stepping stone.

Honestly, I don’t think that any success story is glamorous. It is chaotic, at times wishy washy, messy, all-over-the-place, ugly. There are flat tires, dead ends, crashing waves, storms.

So although it is the farthest from glamorous, it is freaking beautiful. [ I would have used the other “F” word because I find it to be more powerful & it just flows, but honestly, I am in the mood to censor & keep thangs’ PG-13 ish. ]

All kidding aside, though the road of dream chasin’ is the farthest from perfection, when you begin to focus on where you are in this very moment & the absolute beginning of where you started, the image of your journey is softened by Grace.

You are going to fall. You are going to feel defeated. You are going to question everything, even yourself at times.

Those moments are not defined in the light of failure. Stopping, giving up & surrendering to the suck, that sis is failing.

Each step you take, though it may not “stick,” [ REFERENCE MAKEUP GIG MENTIONED ABOVE ] or be your forever, it always & will always be a necessary step in your journey to get you where you are destined to be.

Get back up like the bad bitch you are, & go another round. You my friend, are a wild flower. There is no stopping your growth.

Root yourself & stay grounded.

You w i l l grow [ w i l d l y ] to immeasurable heights. Embrace the chaos babe, you were made for this.


the artwork

The artwork [ yet to be titled, however temporarily referred to as the seed project ] featured throughout this piece is by the lovely, beautiful, & talented Ms. Krista Narciso. Neither my work, nor Ms. Narciso’s had been inspired in light of the other. Our projects wonderfully co-existed.

Each seed featured in this piece was carefully constructed, crafted, & made with love by the ever-talented Ms. Narciso.

As detailed by Ms. Narciso, the seeds in the images are protypes based on a seed found in prairie remnant [ Iowa ].

I am so utterly thankful to have collaborated with her on this piece. Thank you again Krista. Much love.

*For background information &/or more information on the seed project, contact Ms. Krista Narciso via e-mail @

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