homemade clean beauty, take 1

homemade clean beauty, take 1

Disclaimer: Ingredients used are natural & certified organic.

Infused with the likes of almond oil, shea & cocoa butter, beeswax. . . Oh, & cocoa powder & cinnamon. . . With a final touch of Vitamin E & of course, non-nano zinc oxide ( of which provides SPF 20 ), this blend smells like heaven. Whilst wearing it, I could not help but smile at the ultra mild, light fragrant flooding my nostrils.

So, although I was really into the feel of this product on my skin ( super hydrating, stayed put – didn’t move ), I wasn’t into how heavy it felt. Too heavy. I also wasn’t into the “grittiness” or barely-there coverage. LET ME EXPLAIN… Y’all, I used cocoa powder in lieu of cacao powder. Yes, there is a difference, & yes it fucked with the formula. Annoyed.

With that being said, this mama hit the ground running on the re-formulation process pronto. I have ordered different ( again, natural & organic ingredients ) for my next trial.

Next, there was “spell,” turned “lover.” The rich, chocolate-y burnt red w/ a slight shimmer shade had me shook. It honestly was one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on. HOWEVER, again the organic cocoa powder that I had used, totally screwed me over.

So many of y’all were interested in this shade, so I will definitely be bringing back the re-formulated version #rookiemistake

Okay, so why am I sharing my utter flops?

I can totally sit here and say that there isn’t enough “real” in this world. Though I find that to be partially true, that isn’t my reason.

I am honest to a fault, a total over-sharer, & obsessed with highlighting what most see as “fails” & ugly moments, because I see them as utterly beautiful. I love stringing together the beautiful & the more messy & chaotic moments as a way to share my journey. Furthermore, as a reference to one day look back on & just pee-my-pants laugh over it all.

If you have been misguided thus far, know, that the road to glory ( & your every dream & goal ) is heavy, messy, chaotic, & ultra challenging at times. Though there is so much beauty in this journey.

Never back down. Find your tough. Be badass.

And in the words of football-esque Vince Lombardi: “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up.” Tis’ the season y’all.

Follow along for clean beauty, & to be wildly entertained.

Much love,

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