#Mamatalk was inspired not only by my ongoing journey throughout motherhood, but it was also influenced by my mama friends accounts of their own personal journeys.

This series and collaboration on all things mama was truly fueled however by self-reflection.

Pre-mama me, constantly bad mouthed herself for always, and for lack of better words, bein’ a hot mess.  If I did my hair, I hardly ever spent time on my makeup.  And vice versa.  My clothes were always mismatched, two sizes too big, flowy, wrinkly. You get the picture. As one would guess, I totally felt bad about myself y’all, though it never shook me enough to change.  And in hindsight, God’s plan certainly outweighed any and all plans that I may have had and actually had for myself. Stay golden.  

Now, I look back and am like mama that was your style. You were hot.  At the time, I totally was blinded by the coiffed and put-together gals of society, that I was completely unable to see the true beauty that lied amongst the beautiful chaos within myself.  I was too focused on comparing myself to every other dang girl out there to realize that my whole air-dryed, beach wave hair, and no makeup makeup look was actually a style, and that I was a beachy boho queen in the making. 

Motherhood has totally overhauled and reworked young me’s mindset.  As I am sure it has for most of y’all. I am extremely confident in saying, that I truly love myself fully.  I finally, see myself as a style.  Rocking two different sized buns, with mismatched scrunchies and a natural makeup look? YES GIRL, SO MUCH YES. Ouai dry shampoo + my Maskcara HAC Stack’s 5-minute makeup routine have become my BFFs. Literally. I cannot tell you the last time I washed my hair, or spent more than five minutes on my makeup. I can practically see my husband’s look of disgust as I write this.  Oops, he isn’t the biggest fan of dry shampoo substitutes.

What this boils down to y’all, and what #mamatalk is essentially centered on, is highlighting the perfectly imperfect and chaotic moments in our lives. I feel that it is so important to share the more difficult and trying moments of our daily lives with one another. Hell, say it aloud to the wall. Just. Get. It. Out. I also feel that spending too much time in this airspace is toxic.  That is why, following the release of such, it is vital that we highlight the beauty and the blessings.

Balance is key.

You got this. I got this. We got this. 

Now let’s do the damn dang thing mamas.